Pre-Order FAQ

 Do I have to pre-pay?

No. You will not have to process a payment for your pre-ordered items until we have them in stock and ready for shipment. Once your items are ready for shipment an email will be sent to you notifying you that your items are in stock.

Payment Processing

Your credit card will be charged only when you return and your order is processed. When your pre-order is ready to be filled you will get an email notifying you the items you ordered is in stock. You have five days to complete your pre-order payment. If you have not returned to process your payment in those five days your pre-order will be canceled and the items will not be held for you.  This allows us to get the items back into inventory for other interested shoppers.


Occasionally, Zippo will limit the amount of a item available. If this happens, we will process the online orders in the order in which they were received.

Promotional Items

From time to time, Classic Collectible Lighters will offer a special promotional item with a pre-order. Due to limited availability, these items are only available while supplies last.


Orders containing both pre-orders and in-stock merchandise will be broken into separate shipping groups. Each group will be shipped as soon as the merchandise becomes available. Handling charges will apply to each shipping group independently.

Pre-order Release Dates

Classic Collectible Lighters strives to ensure accurate release dates on our site. Occasionally, suppliers run into problems during the production of a lighter  and the release date must be changed. Sometimes dates move forward; more often they move back, and sometimes change more than once.

We will always post the best release date information available at the time of our posting. We know that you want that hot new Zippo Lighter yesterday, and we want to be the company that gets it to you faster than anyone else.